Chinese New Year

This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year! We have read the story ‘The Dancing Dragon’ and talked about how people prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year. We learnt they clean the whole house, bake cakes, sing songs and hang up paper lanterns before all the friends and family join together for the New Years parade. In Nursery we have been painting lanterns hanging from the ceiling, we have been mark making with paint brushes and glitter, and we have even been painting boxes to make a big dragon! A lot of Nursery children have been very interested in our ‘Funky Fingers’ area this week, where we have been threading beads onto string to make patterns for the dragons body and making red and yellow paper chains to decorate Nursery. We have also looked at measuring noodles with cubes in our maths area, using language to compare the sizes of each string, such as short, medium, long. We have also been listening to music, using drums and learning the ‘dragon dance.’