Boundary Choral Speaking Competition 2019

For what must have seemed like months, children from Reception and all the way through to Year 6 have been practicing and rehearsing poems, rhymes and stories. Why? They were to perform in front of the whole school as part of our annual Choral Speaking Competition. 

This year, as Miss. Ashton said “the children have certainly increased their efforts” to impress our judging panel (and our staff and children). From poems linked to work in class to funny stories with actions (and monkey ears!) it was clear that the hard work and determination of both staff and pupil had paid off – the judges had to take a 10 minute break to discuss and deliberate. But there could only be one winner…right?! WRONG…it came down to two year groups and the judges just couldn’t decide so, in the end, Year 2 and Year 6 shared the winners podium. Year 6 however will go on to compete in the first ever Blackpool Choral Speaking Competition hosted by and held here at Boundary Primary School!

Well done to all children who took part and showed exactly what an ‘Always’ pupil really is!