Black History Month

This week we have been learning about Black History Month. We started the week by reading the story ‘Handa’s Surprise,’ talking about the characters, setting, and key points in the book, before sequencing and retelling the story.

We looked in depth at the illustrations of the setting and how this enabled us to know where the story took place. We also recapped on the use of adjectives, and how we could describe each fruit. We had ideas such as ‘spiky large pineapple,’ ‘green, creamy avocado,’ and ‘yellow, bendy banana.’ Later in the week we then wrote sentences to describe what was happening in a picture from the story, focussing on using capital letters, full stops, and segmenting and blending the words we wanted to use.

We also spent an afternoon creating and designing African masks. We explored a range of masks from countries we have looked at during the week, discussing the features, colours, and emotions the masks portrayed. Children cut out shapes from different coloured and textured paper to create the features of their masks. We discussed the use of symmetry and tried to make our masks as symmetrical as possible!

Throughout the week we have explored lots of similarities and differences, learning that everyone is different, but everyone is special.