Behaviour Outreach

Team Teach at Boundary


Boundary Primary School is proud to offer a wide range of Behaviour Support interventions. Led by an Advanced Team Teach Tutor we work closely with your school team to create a bespoke behaviour management system that will seamlessly Integrate with your existing provision.

We undertake a pre-visit that allows our accredited Advanced Team Teach Tutor to clearly understand your needs and create a personalised training package suitable for your setting. Our Tutor will then undertake a post-visit and offer on-going support to ensure you and your team are confident with your new skills and that staff and pupils can work together to achieve success. 


What is Team Teach

Team Teach provides accredited, award-winning training in positive behaviour management strategies. Our courses equip individuals and teams working with both children and adults in a variety of settings to transform challenging situations and behaviours into positive outcomes and maintain positive relationships.

What are the benefits of Team Teach?
  • Gives staff the knowledge of when the use of reasonable force may be justified and the skills to exercise this power in a way that minimises the risk of injury to staff and pupils

  • Helps adults to understand and manage challenging behaviour, embedding the teaching of physical techniques within a holistic de-escalation approach

  • Enables staff to feel more confident and competent in their management of disruptive and “challenging” behaviour and helps reduce stress by increasing safety and security for all involved. Learning outcomes and behaviour should improve through the provision of safe learning and caring environments

  • Significantly contributes to employers meeting their obligations under health and safety legislation thus reducing potential liability claims from staff or pupils

What the course covers

Module 1 – Background to Team Teach

Module 2 – The Legal Framework

Module 3 – Understanding Aggression

Module 4 – How Feelings Drive Behaviours

Module 5 – De-escalation and De-fusion

Module 6 – Personal Safety

Module 7 – Positive Handling – mainly guiding and escorting safely

Module 8 – Repair, Reflection and Review

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