Be In The Right Place At The Right Time With The Right Things

Be in the right pace: Being where you need to be e.g arriving to school on time, lining up at the end of play


At the right time: By being on time e.g arriving to school on time, listening to instructions throughout the day and responding to them quickly


With the right things: Having the correct things to help you with your day e.g your full school uniform, PE kit and a growth mindset!

You can follow this promise by arriving to school on time every day. The gates open at 8.45am.

Wearing your Always badge every day with pride show you are following this Boundary promise! It is part of your full school uniform, so remember to wears yours all the time. If you have lost your badge a new one can be purchased from the Shield for 50p.

School Uniform

Wearing your full school uniform every day is a way of showing that you are following this Boundary promise.

How to line up – by Tyler


  1. Walk smartly to the place you need to line up at
  2. Be quiet – this is the time to calm down and get your mind ready for learning
  3. Stand in your line place – keep still and stand stand smartly
  4. Walk calmly and quietly with your friends
  5. If you are returning to your classroom then you need to listen for instructions from the teacher. If you are going to assembly then you need to sit down and be quiet
  6. If you are going for lunch you still need to be sensible and use an indoor voice when talking to your friends