Awesome Autumn!

Autumn is in the air! We have had a very busy last week of term at Nursery, exploring how things change in Autumn and why. Our BLT for the week was to go for an Autumn walk and collect Autumn treasures in a paper bag for us to explore in Nursery. Lots of us found leaves of all different colours, some of us found sticks and conkers, and some of us even found pinecones, acorns and ‘helicopter leaves!’ We have used the leaves for craft activities, we have counted and rolled the conkers and acorns, and we have been mark making with sticks! We all enjoyed exploring our Autumn treasures! We have also created Autumn transient art pictures, made button trees and created leaf characters! This week we have also been looking at recognising the letters in our name, and some of us have been practising hard to write our names! Keep practising over half term everybody!