Nursery Superstars!

It’s been another busy week for our Nursery children! This week our story has been ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ We have taken parts in lots of activities including making a bed for baby bear, creating a story map and even hosting our very own tea party!

We firstly listened to the story and talked about the setting and characters in the story. We then took part in activities relating to size, and organising items from around our house into size order, looking and using the language of small, medium and large! We retold the story with our grown ups, focusing on the main parts, and using these to create our own story map using language from the story. 

Later in the week we used the internet to research facts about real life bears. We found out some new and interesting facts that we shared with our Nursery teachers! We then went on a shape hunt around our home environments, making a shape finder to help us focus on the shape of different items we had found! We finished off the week by having a tea party. We helped our grown ups to collect everything we needed, doing lots of counting along the way! We then focussed on using the language of more/less to describe the amount of food items that different people had!

Well done on another successful week of home learning everyone!