The school attendance policy is available to view on our website.

We expect all children and parents to work hard to gain 100% attendance.

Our school aims each year to have an overall attendance of 96% or higher

Pupil welfare officer – Mr J Chandler

School work closely with pupil welfare and meet weekly to discuss any children who have raised attendance concerns.

School offer support for parents to improve their child’s attendance.

Lateness and attendance are monitored daily by the school attendance officer.

School will inform parents when their child’s attendance has become of concern and support will be offered.

Understand your child’s attendance and how lateness affects the attendance and learning of your child.

If you arrive after 8:55am you will be given a late mark on the register. If you arrive after 9:25am you will be given a U mark on the register. The U mark means that your child has been given an unauthorised absence for the morning session.

Attendance Rewards

  • We celebrate 100% attendance each week by awarding a child from each class a certificate and a boundary pencil for being on time and in school every day. These are given out on a Friday during celebrations assembly. 
  • Each week the class with the best attendance is rewarded with a certificate and 5 minutes extra playtime. If the winning class 100% attendance they receive 10 minutes extra play time.  
  • Pupils with 100% attendance at the end of each half term, who have no more than 3 late marks receive an attendance badge.
  • At the end of the year, the children who have 100% attendance for the year are invited to a 100% attendance party which is organised by Blackpool Council. Each child receives a medal and a certificate at the party.
  • In each classroom the certificates earnt by the class are displayed.

Attendance achievements are shared on the half termly newsletter.


Attendance Policy