Animal Action!

In PE this half term we are exploring dance through the theme of animals. We have focussed on creating and developing simple movement patterns, moving safely and creatively in space and using different types of travel and levels.

We began by developing our fundamental skills (hopping, skipping, jumping and balancing) to create patterns to music, focussing on freezing in an animal pose when the music stopped. We used examples such as, lion, crouching low with sharp claws, giraffe, standing tall, and snake, flat to the ground, sliding in wiggly shapes. We talked about various animals from around the world, discussing what our favourite animals and are how do these animals move.

We have continued to focus on our agility, balance and coordination to develop 16 counts of motif, using whole group ideas whilst focussing on timing and unison. The children are continuing to develop and perform their dances over the next couple of weeks!