World Nursery Rhyme Week

Nursery rhymes play an important part in early childhood development and education, as well as being fun they help children develop social, physical and emotional skills. We have particularly concentrated on 5 nursery rhymes this week, focussing on one song each day. We started the week with ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep,’ where we looked at weighing different bags of objects, talking about which were heavier and lighter. We then moved on to ‘Down in the Jungle,’ where children looked at ordering animals by size. On Wednesday we sang ‘Row, Row, Row your boat,’ and made bottle cap sailing boats, talking about how we could get them to go faster! On Thursday we were lucky enough to have some of our adults join us to celebrate World Nursery Rhyme week, and we showed them everything we have been learning, including our rhyme of the day ‘Incy Windy Spider.’ Today we have looked at ‘Two Little Dicky Birds,’ making our own birds in the craft area, and using seeds and lard to make bird feeders to hang on the trees outside! We have put them in the fridge to set over the weekend, and will be hanging them out next week and keeping an eye to see it we can spot any birds eating them! Children have been practising these songs as part of their BLT for the past couple of weeks and it has really shown in their work in Nursery, we have had a jam packed, fun filled week!