What a busy week!

This week in Year Five, we have been participating in Forest School sessions and have loved learning how to build a fire (on which we then toasted marshmallows), den building and playing outdoor team games! On anti-bullying day, we discussed why we shouldn’t use stereotypes and make assumptions about people or unfairly judge people because of their appearance or ethnicity. We all wore odd socks to remind each other that it is ok to be different.

In History, we have learnt about the religious beliefs of Anglo- Saxons and worked collaboratively to identify Pagan and Christian beliefs during this period of history. During our weekly French lesson, we have continued to learn how to converse in French about ourselves, our families and our pets. Year Five are really enjoying French this year!
We also took part in an orienteering competition, finding our way around a course using map skills. 
A busy and productive week for all!