Tuesday 28th April

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Yesterday, we read the book Supertato! and we wrote about our favourite food. Today, we are going to look at being healthy and how what we eat helps us to keep fit and healthy. Listen to Mr Tumble’s song.

Click on the link.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95SoCchwpVs

Now, draw a picture of five healthy foods and five unhealthy foods. Label them and then write a sentence about your favourite fruit and vegetables. Why do you like them? Are they tasty? Talk with your family about food that is unhealthy. Why is it unhealthy? Does it have lots of sugar?

Read the e-book Get Ant on Oxford Owl.

After reading

Using the story map on page 12, ask your child to retell the story in their own words. What happened at the beginning? What happened next? etc.

• Which part of the story did they like the most?

Talk with your child about the book. Here are some questions you could ask:

• Why did Max think Ant was hiding in the sock?

• Did Nok know where Ant was hiding?

• What did micro-sized Max use as steps?

Encourage your child to read the story again. This will build their reading confidence and reading fluency.

Our Maths activity today is adding and taking away numbers using toys. Put ten toys one at a time into the box, counting all together. Can you show on your fingers how many are hidden? Find the number using your number cards. Then add another toy to the box. How many have you got now? Again, use your number cards to show the number. How do you know? How did you work it out?

What if we add two more? What if we take one out?  Two out?
Imagine there are 10 in there and I take out 6 – how would you know how many were left? What could you do to find out?