Thursday 21st May

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Yesterday we listened to the story ‘The Bog Baby’  The Bog Baby was very important to the children in the story and they loved him very much.  Have a think about who is important to you or someone your love.  It might be your mummy, daddy, big brother, nana or even your best friend.  Draw a picture of you with this person in your home learning book.  Now write a sentence to tell me why you love them e.g. I love my mummy because she looks after me.

Order your number cards from 1-20 in a line. Can you recognise the numbers? Point to one of them. Tell an adult what number it is. Are you correct?  Can you match the corect quantity to this number? Choose two number cards that are less than 10. Add them together by using objects or by counting on (putting the biggest number in your head first, then counting on the other number).

Listen to the big number song.  How far can you count? Can you recognise the different 2 digit numbers?

In the Bog Baby story the children made a home for the Bog Baby in a bucket using stones, shells and gravels.  Go outside to see if your could collect some different objects.  Make you own home using these items and put your bog baby you made in it.  Do you think he will be happy in his new home?  Or would he prefer to live in the pond in the woods?  Take a picture and send it to us.

What other animals might you find living in a pond?  Draw a pond in your home learning book and draw some different animals in it.  Can you label the animals?  Don’t forget to use your sound mat to help you sound out the different words.  Follow the link to find out more information about animals that live in a pond habitat an play some different games.