This Week in Science at Boundary

There has been some fantastic Science learning throughout school. From hunting for bugs to making electrical circuits there had been lots of hands on investigations. 
In Nursery the children have been learning all about space! They have built their own rockets and watched a moon landing. They had great fun making their own slime and then squashing, rolling and stretching it. 
In KS1 the children have been hunting for bugs and comparing them by identifying similarities and differences. Children in KS1 have also been testing materials to identify which would be the best to make a boat. 
In KS2 the children have been working with their peers to predict and test whether circuits will work. They have also tested materials to categorise them into conductors and insulators. Children in KS2 have also been busy investigating soil. Their aim was to identify which soil was the best drainer. 
Our children have worked extremely hard, learning lots of new scientific vocabulary and using it within their learning!