Team Work Makes The Dream Work

What a challenging lesson today’s OAA was! The pictures say it all!!!

Our first activity was to split into two groups and run through the hoola hoop obstacle course at the same time as the other team. Once we were face to face with our opponent, we had to play ‘rock, papers, scissors’ and the winner could carry on their journey as the other person had to go to the back of their line. As soon as one person made it to the other side, they won a point for their team. 

Our next task consisted of us getting into groups of 4/5 where we had to balance the hoola hoop on the back of our hands (on our fingers). We then had to follow particular commands whilst the hoola hoop balanced such as: kneel down, raise your arms up, put one arm behind your back, lift one leg up etc… This tested our patience with our team and relied on good communication skills. 

Our final task was to get into groups of 8 where we were given a number 1-8. There were 9 cones and we had to get in numerical order but only by moving one space (and person) at a time, and using the blank space. to achieve this This is a similar concept to the game slider puzzle. 

We can’t wait to see what next week’s lesson has in store for us!