On Wednesday 21st November, a selection of children from Year 3 visited the Blackpool Grand Theatre to watch a performance of ‘Stickman’.  The children excitedly travelled to the theatre in taxis with members of staff. Once they had arrived, they were shown to their seats and waited for the performance to start.  All of a sudden it went silent and the lights dimmed. The show began! Crazily, the actors bounded onto the stage, jumping all over the place. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance! 

Chloe stated ‘It was brilliant and I had the life of my life’. 


Ciara said, ‘When I went to the Grand Theatre, I really enjoyed it! I had never been to a real theatre before.’ 


Lacey D reported, ‘It was quite sad when Stickman was floating away from his stick family. It was really funny when the swan grabbed the stickman to turn him into a nest! I would give the show five stars if I was writing a play review.’ 


Boundary Arts Counsellors have met to plan future events for the children. Watch this space…