Stay safe & good luck!

For our last day in Nursery in ‘Bubble B’ the children wanted to take part in a treasure hunt!

We read the story ‘Pirate Pete’s Parrot,’ and talked about the different types of treasure we might find! Then we all got ready to go outside and hunt for buried treasure! We found golden coins, pirate cups, special keys to open the treasure chest, and even a compass! We all loved searching high and low for the different items. The children then wanted to build a pirate chest to store all the treasure we had found, to keep it safe from Captain Hook! We had a very exciting morning!

This afternoon we have spent time in the home corner, cooking up pirate recipes, building pirate ships in the construction area, and we even did some pirate yoga!

We want to wish all the children leaving Nursery in both Bubble A, Bubble B, and those children who have not returned, the very best of luck in Reception.

We know you will all be superstars!

Mrs. Welch, Miss. Kay and Mrs. Walker x