Remembrance Day

On Friday 10th November, each pupil from Boundary Primary School made and planted their poppy in the school remembrance garden. On each poppy they had written the name of a soldier who had died in the First World War.

Afterwards, the school took part in a service where the pupils remembered these soldiers and others who had sacrificed their lives in past and present conflicts. The service was led by Year 6 and Reverend Peter was also present.

During the afternoon, the pupils had further opportunities to reflect as they took part in a whole school art afternoon based around the theme of poppies, using different techniques, such as collage, print and sketching.


“When the fighting stopped poppies grew on the battlefield.”Madaline

“It is called Remembrance day because we remember the soldiers who fought for us.”Oliver 

“Whole families went to the war. The men fought and the women were nurses.”Storm