Our year so far….

Nursery have had a jam packed half term so far!

We have been spooked with lots of Halloween activities. We made some pumpkin prints and used different shapes to create a shape witch.

We remembered all the brave soldiers and planted a poppy for them on Remembrance Day. We talked about the different jobs soldiers do and how they look after us.

Then it was time for Odd Socks Day when we celebrated our differences. We read the story “It Okay To Be Different” By Todd Parr and talked about how we are all different.

Next, we had an unexpected visit to space! The children decided to build a space rocket and fly to the moon. We made a space den and even made some intergalactic space slime! 

We have also been doing lots of outdoor learning and we’ve had some great tunes tapped out on our new music wall! The bikes have also been a great hit and it’s been brilliant to watch the children build their confidence and ride down the hill!

And now it’s time for all the Christmas fun to start! Sorry in advance for all the glitter!