One More, One Less.

We have had a very busy week in Maths this week!

At the start of the week we continued our work on exploring teen numbers, showing the numeral in numbers, words and pictorial representation. We have then worked on showing numbers in different ways, for example on tens frames, part part whole models, with objects and with drawings.

As we continued through the week we then moved onto problems involving one more and one less. We recapped on when finding one more the number gets bigger, and when finding one less the number gets smaller. We learnt that there are 2 ways to describe a number, for example 17 is one more than 16, and 17 is also one less than 18.

In partners we then thought of a number and tried to describe it to each other using the language of one more and one less, and seeing if our partner could tell us the number in our head! We then explored lots of different practical activities to explore the concept of one more and one less, using numicon, objects, counters and more!