Observing animals!

This week in Science we began our topic on animals by observing animals in our school environment. We firstly discussed what we already know about animals, and then what we would like to find out.

We recapped on the 5 animal groups, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, and talked about what features animals have to have to fit into these groups. We learnt that we fit into one of these 5 groups, and that we are mammals! We also discussed birds have feathers and wings, fish breathe underwater using gills, and amphibians can live on land and in water.

We then talked about what kind of animals we thought we might see/find on our observation hunt. We recapped on our safety rules when we are using the Forest School area before heading outside! We found beetles, worms, spiders and ants and we saw dogs, birds and humans! We looked closely at the animals, before returning them to their natural habitat. We then headed back in to the classroom to record our observations to help us answer questions!