Let’s Celebrate!

This week we have been talking about celebrations and achievements.  Our lesson started with the question ‘What is a celebration?’.  As a class we discussed the different things we celebrate with our friends and families and why we do this.  The children had some super responses and were able to identify lots of different ways we can celebrate including birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, weddings and even a new baby being born.  

“My mummy is getting married and I will wear a special dress” Mia said.

“On my birthday I have a party with my family.  We have a cake, balloons, presents and play games” Riley said.

“I’m getting ready for Halloween at my house.  My mum put up some scary teeth lights in the living room” Ella-Rose said.

Once we had discussed the different things we can celebrate we passed the special ‘Let’s Celebrate’ box around the circle.  Inside were lots of different items and we had to guess what was being celebrated.  We also talked about how we can celebrate our own achievements like learning to count, ride a bike or write our name.  Throughout the year we are going to be adding different things into out ‘Let’s Celebrate’ box when we learn about different celebrations.

During continuous provision the children then enjoyed writing their own cards for their friends, having a birthday party in the home corner and making birthday cakes and counting the candles in the play dough.