Home Learning – Thursday 2nd July

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

All home learning is on Google Classroom. You all have log in details that are inside the front cover of your home learning book.

  1. Morning Maths– Please complete all questions in your home learning maths book. The answers are also provided so that you can mark your own work when you have completed the questions at 11.30am
  2. Maths– Please log on to MyMaths and complete the activity that has been set, Today, you will be recapping line graphs.
  3. Reading– You should now have already finished this week’s chapter. Please look up the meaning of the words listed on google classroom and either write them in your purple book or on google docs.
  4. Creative Writing –Take a look at the picture on google classroom and create a story about this image. Include a beginning, middle and end, speech from some of the characters you create and Year 5 appropriate vocabulary and GPS.
  5. GPS – Complete the GPS questions from Google Classroom. The answers will be given at 11.30am with the maths.
  6. Spelling Shed and Times Table Rock Star – games and activities have also been set on this site for you to complete. If you are uncertain of your login, ask your teacher.
  7. Virtual Sports Week – Today you need to take part the Egg and Spoon, record it on the sheet from Google Drive. Take a photo and share it with your teacher. Follow Boundary on Facebook for daily videos.
  8. Project Work – This week focuses on ECO, so use your time to look at all the slides available to you, and create a factfile/pack about each topic. Today is about renewable energy. There are several links and you need to think about your daily life, which types of energy do you use? Explain the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy. What is a fossil fuel? Explain solar, wind, rain, tidal and geothermal energy either in a document or in your purple book and share it with your teacher.
  9. Use the school website Kids Zone to practice your times tables, look up some science and play some of the games here. 

If you still have time, curl up with a book.