Home learning 7th April 2020

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

SEESAW- Activity one- Place Value basket ball. Play the game creating three digit numbers and use your knowledge of value. Can you then use two of these umbers and put them into column addition.  Remember, you may need to carry over into the next column. Then follow this link to play games such as Hit the Button and Money Shop game- Topmarks

Activity two- I wish my teacher knew- What would you like to tell me about yourself? What is your favourite game, colour, animal? Can you write a short description about something I don’t know about you. For example; My name is Miss Wooding and I really enjoy running. I used to dislike it very much however, I wanted to change my brain and make myself better at it. Now I run at least three times a week. I had a growth mindset and now, I love it!   Remember your presentation, commas in a list, adjectives and the basics- full stops and capital letters. Draw a picture of you doing what you enjoy and label it. 

Activity three- Synonyms and antonyms.

A synonym is a word which is the same or nearly the same as the main word. For example- sad, upset, worried or happy, excited. These have similar meanings. 

An antonym is a word which means the opposite. For example- hot and cold

Can you think of a list of synonyms for said, sad, happy and beautiful. Can you write a list of antonyms. 

Please log onto your spelling shed, time tables rockstars and Language angels – all your passwords and log in are in the front cover of your home learning books. You can access the daily challenges set by the teachers through here.