Home learning 30th March 2020

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Happy Monday!

SEESAW- Activity one- Family House – Take a picture of you and your family. Can you redesign how you look using the painting tabs? Then voice record a message what you have been up to this weekend with your family. Have you been out for a daily walk? What activities have you been doing inside your house? Did you do an exercise? What was your favourite part of the weekend?

Activity two- Bloxels Story Map- We have been writing lots of stories this year. Fairytales, Fables, short stories! Use the table to plan out your story. Think about the four areas of a story- characters, setting, problem and solution. In your home learning book- use the plan to write a short story. Remember, capital letters, full stops, adjectives, commas in a list and the most important element- reread! Does it make sense? Can you “purple, pencil-crayon’ and up-level your sentences?

Activity three- Fiction Booksnap- Use the camera to take a screen shot of what you are reading. Use the pens at the bottom of the screen and highlight what you can see- like what we do at the beginning of our writing journey- feature finding! What can you find? Nouns? Adjectives? Story openers? Speech- inverted commas? Can you then predict what might happen next in your story or can you re-write the next section?

Remember to log onto spelling shed for the activities which are set. As well as timetables rockstars. If you are having any trouble you can always practice weekly spellings and times tables in home learning books. As well as contact us at teacherfern@boundary.blackpool.sch.uk or teacherbracken@boundary.blackpool.sch.uk for any help!

Keep safe. Wash hands!