Grouping and Sorting!

This week in Year One we have been focussing on grouping and sorting a number of objects in different ways. We have explored sorting by different properties, such as colour, size, and shape. We have explored lots of practical sorting activities, and have enjoyed some time in our outdoor areas, making the most of the dry weather! We have also worked on accurately counting the objects we have sorted, and exploring which group has the most, which has the least, and if any are equal.

This week we have also started looking at and learning about the area we live in, identifying key sights and features of local and national locations. We talked about where we live, and looked on maps to identify the location of both Blackpool and the UK! In groups we then looked at a variety of different pictures and decided wether the pictures were photographs of features of Grange Park, Blackpool or London.

We have had another very busy and productive week! We are very proud of how all the Year One children have settled back into school life.