Friday 19th June

Use the links below to access your daily phonics sessions.

Practice your handwriting using your letter rhyme sheet.  Make sure you are forming all your letters correctly  and keep your writing neat and small.  Draw a picture of your favourite animal and label it.  Make sure you carefully sound out each word using your phonic knowledge.  Can you write a sentence about your animal e.g It has big, red feathers.

For your maths task we would like you to order your numbers correctly from 1-20.  Can you go any further?   Pick a number at random and find 1 more and 1 less.  Now pick two single digit numbers and add them together.  What is the total?  You can use concrete objects to help you if you need to.  Have a go at recording your work as a calculation e.g. 9 +4 = 13

Monday 23rd March