For Platform 1

Platform 1, I know this time is strange and that some of you are finding it difficult. It’s a very odd time for everyone and I’ve been thinking about you all.


I know this time is so difficult,

It feels so scary and unknown,

But we know it is for the best,

For you all to stay safely at home.


I’ve missed you so much since we closed,

And I think of you in all that I do,

We’re such a great team in Platform 1,

Everything seems so quiet without you!


I miss the daily ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’,

And the big rush to all get inside,

The toast and fruit are there waiting,

Your mouths are opening wide!


Our English lessons have gone online,

Where you learn how to read and write,

I’ve missed the pride on your faces,

As you know you’re getting it right!


I can’t hear you counting and adding,

As you learn in your daily maths time,

There’s no sorting shapes, or measuring tapes,

At least there’s Maths Shed in the meantime.


Our classroom is sitting all silent,

With the resources all tidied away,

They’ve all been cleaned, until they sparkle,

For you to use on your return one day.


Arts and crafts remain in the cupboard,

There’s not paint over everywhere,

But there’s still a fleck of glitter,

Glistening over there.


What’s still here are your wonderful books,

Great displays with your work on the walls,

The photos of reading and writing,

And doing PE in the halls.


The mud kitchen looks too clean,

The bulbs are starting to grow,

No welly boots getting all muddy,

Footballs waiting to be thrown.


And all the love that I have for you is going nowhere,

It’s safely locked deep down inside,

So when all the germs have been sent far away,

You’ll be here, learning by my side.



Miss T