Busy week in Maple and Laurel!

It’s been a very busy week in Maple and Laurel this week. It’s also been an exciting week. Children in both classes who wanted to run for School Council had the opportunity to take part in an election campaign for themselves in class. The children who ran were so confident and should be very proud of themselves regardless of the outcome. Voting takes place tomorrow! Good luck to everyone who is involved.

Earlier in the week, we were learning to clapping and shake instruments to the beat of Mamma Mia. We worked hard to find the pulse and the children loved it.

On Thursday, it was National Poetry Day. This came at a perfect time for year 4 because we are just about to start learning about cinquain poems. The children read and enjoyed lots of different poetry throughout the afternoon, then had a go at writing their own towards the end of the day.

Great week year 4!