Boundary Remembers

On Wednesday 11th November, Boundary Primary took part in a whole school act of remembrance.

It began with all the children, from Nursery to Year 6, planting the poppies they had made in our Remembrance Garden. Then, at 11am, the school came together for a virtual assembly. We all observed a two minutes silence and listened to important information and historical facts about the significance of the poppies we were wearing.

During the week, each class  took part in painting a poppy and was also given a silhouette of a soldier which they were asked to decorate around the theme of remembrance. This activity focussed all our minds on who we were remembering and why it is important to remember them. The completed soldiers were then displayed around the school hall and will remain there for the week of remembrance – helping us to think of those who gave their lives in order that we may live ours and those who continue to serve to keep us and our country safe.