Exploring percussion instruments

This week in music Reception have been introduced to a range of different percussion instruments including triangles, tambour, tambourine, bells, maracas and claves.  The children have been learning the names of the instruments and exploring different ways of playing them and making sounds.  We learnt some new words including percussion, instrument, orchestra and conductor and added them to our vocabularly wall..  We talked about the role of the conductor and how it was important to watch him or her carefully to know when to play and when to stop.  The children showed great concentration and good listening skills during this activity.  After exploring the instruments sounds we listened to a famous piece of music called ‘Four Season’ by a composer called Vavaldi.  We listened carefully to see if we could hear any different instruments and discussed how it music made us feel.  We identified the season we are in and some of the different things that happen during the Autumn including leaves changing colour and falling off trees as the temperature cools down.  We then used the ribbons to move in time to music.