Tuesday 7th July

Here is today’s Learning at Home. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you! #BoundaryBelieves

Practice your handwriting using your handwriting sheet. Write out all the letters from A-Z. Don’t forget to hold your pencil between your thumb and your two fingers and form your letters correctly. What sound does each letter make? Say the rhyme as you write them “around the apple and down the leaf”.  Choose a letter and make a list of objects beginning with that sound e.g. t  train, teddy, toad, tomato.

Collect some different objects from around the house.  It could lego, coins, stones or even leaves from outside.  Can you make a pattern? Is it a repeated pattern? Take a picture of it sent it to your teacher.

Log on to Oxford Owl and read the book ‘High on the Hill’.  Turn to page 4 and practice recognising the speed sounds.  How fast can you read them?  On page 5 read the green words.  Read the story with an adult.  Remember to segment and blend the sounds to read the words.  Talk to a grown up about the story.  Where was the windmill?  Who creep into the mill at night? What did they hang up?  What did the Goblins do in the windmill?  What was your favourite part of the story?  Why?