Art – A summary of this half-term

It’s been a busy half term for Art. In the Early Years they have been exploring texture, using playdough to make models and using different tools to add details. To celebrate Remembrance Day the children used a selection of resources to make Transient Art pictures and they have also created rockets out of junk modelling – it took a lot of careful thinking about which boxes would make the best rocket and how they would attach them.

This half term Year 3 have been focusing on painting and looked at the work of George Seurat and Henri Roussea. They began their art journey by discussing the artists and what they liked about their work. They then looked at colour and practised mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. They also explored the effects of using different tools for painting. Once they had developed these skills, the children then practised painting in the style of George Seurat, using dots to make up a picture – this is called Pointillism.

The children then combined all the skills they had developed over the term to create a fabulous final piece.